Z3P RSNA 2021 MRI Playlist for the booths we were able to cover

As we wrap up RSNA 2021 we will be releasing content on the technologies, software and innovations we were able to cover. Thanks for Watching Zone 3 Podcast. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

We will be adding video to this playlist for the next few days

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The Hyperfine Swoop looks great! Nice clip.

How was the scan time - did it take longer to acquire images at suitable resolution / SNR compared to a standard clinical 1.5T/3T scanner brain protocol?

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It took about 5-6min for just the Ax T2 TSE. The image quality looks great for being such a low field magnetic (.064T). They just got FDA approval for their new advanced image reconstruction technology using deep learning (DL). I think this definitely elevates its diagnostic value.

Still tough to compare to our traditional 1.5T and 3T magnetics image quality. But after seeing how much progress they’ve made from just a year ago. It gets me super excited. If they can keep innovating like they have, Hyperfine is truly on to something special.

Thanks Reggie, that’s pretty comparable to protocols I’ve run. BTW I also found a nice talk by Hyperfine’s Michael Poole that’s worth a look. Link below.

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