Trajectory generation in 3d MRI image

Hi guys i have a 3d Mri nifty segmented image of brain with obstacles and target label , i want to apply a path planning algorithm to it eg RRT to it, how can i do this in python?

anyone having any lead on this? @imageClarity @UCLjames

Have you looked at at the link below? It appears that the code is for 2D images in .png format so you may need to edit code to make it compatible with nifti. If you can get is working on slices in your 3D volume, you may then be able to extend the algorithm to 3D.


I will see for this one, I have tried many ones but they seemed quite complicated, there are so many research papers where rrt is implemented on 3d structures but i can’t find code for them :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the reply :pray:

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