Rui Pedro Teixeira, MRI Physicist UK

Hello, this seems to be a nice platform I hope it’s adopted as it’s the kind of thing that only gets better the more people interact with it!

I’m Rui Pedro Teixeira MRI Physicist specialising in quantitative MRI. I really enjoy developing new methodologies and seeing them deployed in practice.

If anyone wants to know more about my experience you can find my:
Google Scholar:


Hi Rui,

It looks like you’ve published some really interesting work recently. With regards to your work in harmonization of diffusion MRI data ( Cross-scanner and cross-protocol multi-shell diffusion MRI data harmonization: Algorithms and results paper), I was wondering if you have applied ( or are planning to ) extend the analysis to cross-vendor datasets?



Hi James,

I’m not involved in that work anymore but I don’t think there was at the time plans to acquire data on multi-vendor dataset although I do agree it would be a logical next step that should be explored.

Best wishes,

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