NiftyNet (Artificial Intelligence)

NiftyNet (Artificial Intelligence)
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Uses : Open source framework for deep learning research in medical image analysis and image-guided therapy.

Features :

  • Easy-to-customise interfaces of network components
  • Sharing networks and pre-trained models
  • Support for 2-D, 2.5-D, 3-D, 4-D inputs
  • Efficient discriminative training with multiple-GPU support
  • Implementation of recent networks (HighRes3DNet, 3D U-net, V-net, DeepMedic)
  • Comprehensive evaluation metrics for medical image segmentation

Platform : Source code.

File formats : NIFTI

Language/API : Python, TensorFlow.

Documentation : Detailed documentation and tutorials on website and wiki.

Users : Advanced, Developer.

Access : Free, open source.

Links : :

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