MRI Tips and Tricks: From MRI Image Optimization to Claustrophobic Patients

MRI Tips and Tricks: From MRI Image Optimization to Claustrophobic Patients

MRI sequence optimization can be a daunting task for new technologists. In this episode of Zone 3 Podcast, Matt Rederer from RITE Advantage LLC joins Reggie and Robert to share some tips on optimizing Image Contrast, image quality, scan time, and many parameters that might come up when it comes to being an “MRI artist.”

Whether the topic was dealing with claustrophobic patients or just providing some general guidance in life as one who performs these examinations every day - there was plenty of insight shared by Matt’s experiences and knowledge!

About our Guest:
Matt is the President of RITE Advantage LLC. A company focused on educating and testing MRI, CT, Sonography, and Radiography students and technologists. The lead MRI technologist and a certified MR Safety Officer at Advocate Sherman Hospital. Matt is also the MRI/CT Physics Professor at Elgin Community College.

Matt’s very knowledgeable at MRI physics which is the fundamental factor for image acquisition. So in addition to tricks and tips learned from coworkers, Matt stresses the importance of understanding how to optimize the image you’re acquiring by means of physics. Matt appreciates the artistic influence that naturally comes with photography. If you understand what’s happening on the back end in terms of k space etc., then you can be the creator of new tips and tricks to share with your coworkers and team.

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