MRI pulse sequence design

Dear all
I am very interested in MRI related topics, specially in MR pulse sequence design. Does any of you by any chance know individuals or companies in England or even in Europe by which I can start pulse sequence design training as a Ph.D student?
Thanks in advance


Hi Tayyebeh,

I had a suggestion from a colleague of mine, see below.

Gyrotools in Switzerland offers pulse programming courses on behalf of Philips ( Most other MRI manufacturers would have internal courses for pulse programming, including preclinical ones.

Best of luck!

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Thank you very much, James. I checked that website. It was so helpful for me. But I also want a university where can fund Ph.D. students for pulse sequence design majors.
Do you know such universities?

Hi Tayyebeh,

gammaSTAR may also be of interest : gammaSTAR - Fraunhofer MEVIS

gammaSTAR is linked to Fraunhofer Institut für Digitale Medizin MEVIS , they would most likely provide training for their PhD students.

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Hi there,
Thank you very much. You really saved my time.
Best wishes,

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