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Once again Zone 3 Podcast is lucky to be joined by none other than Tobias Gilk. Tobias is a consultant on issues of MRI / Radiology facilities, safety, and operation, with experience in product safety specific to MR Conditional labeling and principles.

He’s spent 15+ years as a practicing architect developing particular expertise in the integration of buildings with highly technical operations and siting requirements for multi-million dollar medical imaging devices. Involved in professional and regulatory aspects of safety and design for radiology / MRI.

Currently serving as senior vice president for RADIOLOGY-Planning, a Junk Architects’ company, specializing in design for radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy facilities.

Inherently with the challenges of maintaining a safe MRI environment, there can be safety incidents that can even lead to bodily harm. Tobias has been asked to serve as an expert witness when these cases go into litigation. Tobias talks about his experiences with this. Initially, he was asked to work with cases specific to architectural layout and how poor facility design can lead to compromised safety. But over time his requested services have expanded.

The first or most direct example of the relationship between the MRI equipment and the building it’s put in is when the magnet quenches. When a magnet quenches that can cause damage to the MRI scanner and the building. Toby stresses that the risks associated with a quench can be mitigated if the facility is due diligent in proactively preventing hazards with proper facility design and construction. Inspection and constant maintenance can drastically reduce the probability of safety incidents.

Tobias’ area of expertise and experience with safety concerns evolved from initially being focused on the design of the space and how that may have led to a catastrophic event. To MRI safety practices. Specifically, facility safety policies put in place. Are they being implemented and then followed?

When approached for expert witness consultation, this can either be from the plaintiff’s side or the defense’s side. Influenced by Dr. Emanuel Kanal, Tobias Gilk will first request that they don’t initially identify which side they’re on. He asked to be presented with simply the facts. And from that, he’s able to review the details of the case with zero bias on either side.

It’s interesting to hear specific case examples and what the resulting investigation leads to. Tobias shares the details of these cases discussing the breakdown of how the evidence helps to expedite the conclusion. He helps to explain what and where things went wrong. What was learned from each incident and how did that lead to the implementation of more focused safety-specific policies moving forward.

Tobias Gilk has been somewhat of a pioneer for the industry in terms of his influence on the evolution of MRI safety. Not only does he serve as an expert witness, and facility design consultant, he also works as the admin for the largest worldwide safety group of like-minded professionals with his Facebook MRI Safety group and is recognized as a major presence and MRI safety icon.

Thanks for joining us here in Zone 3.

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