Increase TI for STIR ? Ghosting on my DWI too bright!


Sorry for my english,

I currently use the Rapid coil (16ch) for breast imaging on a Signa Premier MRI 3T system (General Electrics), and i have a lot of ghosting picture on my DWI b2500 (yeah high value) sequence, i’ve tried many things, like MUSE, FOCUS, IR Prep, Classic, even the DWI propeller (who doesn’t have ghosting but verry long time acquisition and lower sensibility like an EPI sequence).

Actually, the best result was obtained with DWI with Ir Prep, but it is too bright (fat signal is too high). My engeneer told me “increase TI decrease fat signal” but i don’t understand HOW that can be possible… so i’ve tried a TI=160 and TI=220, no difference of brightness but the TI=160 has less ghosting…

So, i have 2 questions :

  • how can a higher TI than 160ms do a stronger fat sat?
  • does someone use the Rapid Coil (or Neo Coil) on 3 Tesla MRI system without ghosting ???

I know, the b value is high, my radiologist wants to work with this value, and with this coil too… ^^

dwi stir ti 220

I have more pictures but i can’t drop it because i’m new,

thanks for reading

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