How to score a lesion using BI-RADS which appears benign at imaging but is actually malignant?

If you report a breast imaging exam (MRI, US or Mx) which not shows any malignant findings in a biopsy-proven breast cancer, which BIRADS score do you use?

Known Biopsy-proven Malignancy is scored as category 6.

I’ve provided a section from the ACR website with link below :

Category 6: Known Biopsy-Proven Malignancy (Guidance chapter, see page 155):
This category is reserved for examinations performed after biopsy proof of malignancy (imaging
performed after percutaneous biopsy but prior to complete surgical excision), in which there are no
mammographic abnormalities other than the known cancer that might need additional evaluation.

and what if there is another abnormalitiy (i.e. a BIRADS2 nodule)?

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