How to extract FA and MD values for each participant if new data are added every week?

Hello Everyone,

I have overall 150 data, and my professor asked me to extract each participant’s FA and MD values. I know how to get mean FA and MD by using TBSS in FSL. However, since we are still collecting data and I need to add those new data (not follow-up, they are totally new brain data) on already existing ones, wouldn’t each participant’s FA and MD values change with each time I add the new data?

Moreover, do you know any other way to extract FA and MD values for each participant in a specific tract in my case (adding new data every week )?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Hi Seda,

There may be changes in FA and MD observed in subjects between imaging time points. I think that you may need to register the diffusion parameter maps into a common imaging space and make voxelwise intrasubject comparisons as the have in the longitudinal studies below.

If you wanted to compare mean FA and MD values between participants and timepoints, an alternative to analysis of tracts would be to register parameter maps to an atlas and segment to give regional estimates.

Thank you so much for your help. I will try your suggestions!

Best regards,

Seda Arslan

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