How to create a mean model of μCT scans from different animals to compare the mean models using 3DSlicer or other soft?

How to create a mean model per genotype from μCT scans (dicom or tiff input format) coming from different animals so we can later compare the two different population mean models.

Currently the pipeline that we use is as following:

We use a morphometric technique based on landmarks, take the DICOM file and create the 3D model using 3D Slicer. Then we place the landmarks in idav landmarks software with the aim to obtain the 3D coordinates and build the matrix and perform the form/shape analysis.

We are also able to compare the surface of two 3D models using 3D Slicer IGT extension, however we will like to be able to compare not only two animals but several more. Does anybody can recommend a way to go or any other extension or freely available software that we can use?

Or any file that we can modifiy in the command line to manually calculate the mean or surface or volumes to get the mean of the population?

Thanks in advance looking forward to reading all your suggestions!

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