Getting started with imaging QA


If you work with medical imaging, you have come to the right place!

Please read below to help you get started with joining and participating in the community.

What is imaging QA?

A question and answer forum for medical imaging professionals and enthusiasts.

We hope to improve medical imaging through the sharing of knowledge between members from different backgrounds and skill sets.

We provide a discussion platform to enable members to support eachother, resolve their issues, and acquire new skills through the following categories :

  • Questions - seek help with medical imaging issues
  • Education - help to build a searchable library of online educational material
  • Images - help to build a searchable library of online medical images
  • Software - help to build a searchable library of imaging software
  • Careers and Networking - for introductions, meetings, and networking
  • Site Feedback - site related quesitons and suggestions
  • Fun Polls - vote on medical imaging topcs here
  • Everything Else - for discussions that don’t fit in other categories

Quick start guide

The following steps will help you to quickly integrate into our medical imaging community.

  1. Sign up here
  2. Join a group here
  3. Say hello, post an introduction here
  4. Take part in your first fun poll here
  5. Participate by asking, answering, and discussing topics
  6. Earn trust to enjoy greater privileges
  7. Help us improve this site by providing feedback here
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