fMRI- scanner onset time

Hey everyone,

Iā€™m currently analyzing some fMRI data and need to find the scanner onset time. I have E-Prime files and SPM .mat files. I did find onset and duration time in SPM .mat files and clock time in E-Prime files but I need to correct this for scanner onset.

Has someone run into a similar problem or does anyone know about this?

Thank you in advance for your help in pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:



Hi Rubina,

Have you tried using AFNI ( in particular )? There is more information at the link below for generating a timing file (also known as onset files):

Iā€™d also recommend talking to the MRI operator that acquired the data on the scanner to see if the scans are thrown away at the scanner or if you need to handle this in analysis.

Hi @UCLjames,

Sorry for the late response and thank you for sharing the link.

I am still not able to find the scanner onset time but will try to get in touch with the MRI operator, like you suggested.



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