FDA's Role in the Off Label Use of Medical Devices Explained by Dr. Kanal, MD

FDA's Role in the Off Label Use of Medical Devices Explained by Dr. Kanal, MD https://community.imagingqa.com/uploads/db7746/optimized/1X/eaacf2c8a47b850fc598859e2fe6b8948d893b36_2_1024x577.jpeg
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In this episode of Zone 3 Podcast, we are lucky to have returning guest Emanuel Kanal, MD, FACR, FISMRM, MRMD, MRSE, AANG. Chief, Division of Emergency Radiology and Teleradiology. Director, Magnetic Resonance Services, Professor of Radiology and Neuroradiology for the Department of Radiology University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, here to discuss the FDA’s role in the off label use of medical devices. Specifically, how the FDA only governs who can market in the US, not how MD should practice medicine. A very common misunderstanding.

He also discusses how off-label use should be the standard if that is what’s best for the patient, regardless of FDA approval status. Dr. Kanal helps to explain this by speaking on the off-label use of neonate formula.

He urges viewers to understand FDA’s approval is only to those companies who find it beneficial(profitable) to get FDA approval. He also talks about the FDA approval process and how the safety guidelines are created. He takes us through many dates on how the FDA came to be, reminding us of the big picture of the FDA’s role as a federal regulator.

Toward the end, Dr. Kanal discusses his passion for flying. As a licensed pilot, Dr. Kanal tries to find the time in his busy schedule. It was fun to sit down with Dr. Kanal and see and hear that passion when spoke to him about something other than Diagnostic imaging.

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