EMMARAE a new generation MRI

EMMARAE stands for Electromagnetic Material Analyzers Radio Activated Excitation. We use very low field strengths. Our prototype is a 700 mm bore working at 2Mhz frequencies. We use pre-polarization, that is activated during the scan time, not just at the beginning. This ensures larger spin populations and create the total B0 field. This is not the same as application of shimming techniques. The noise floor is lower at these low frequencies and the ability to work with off the shelf Ham radio parts. We scan the empty internal of the bore first then map the field and then scan the object and then compensate for the low field strength then normalise and re-align the image to become the actual output which is compatible with any other MRI imaging and can be overlaid with other scanning technologies.

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Sounds interesting! Are there any publications you can point to on this technology?

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We are a private company, we do not publish our techniques or results in order to keep the products viable for a reasonable profit on the open market. Our products will be amongst the lowest priced MRI machines on the market . Not having to invest in expensive super conductive magnets is a huge saving. Out RF output power is a modest 1 KWatt output stage and we use a 10 KWatt driver for our gradient control. I hope that satisfies your need to know a little bit more.

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