DTI image parameters

Hello everyone,

I downloaded some DTI images(Diffusion MRI) from PPMI and I need some of their parameters such as b_values and gradient directions for data preprocessing.

Who knows How can I obtain desired parameters from DTI images for my purpose?
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I need the above parameters from only the DTI image files I have.

Hi Ali, just to clarify, are the images in DICOM format?

Hi, yes. I have 65 image files( one patient) that each file contains 72 slices.

The b-value and diffusion vectors (gradient directions) can be found in the DICOM metadata, see the discussion below for details of which DICOM tags you can find this information in.

I think you will need to convert the DICOM images into NIFTI format and generate .txt files with diffusion directions and b-values. More details are given here.

A nice converter is the dcm2niix tool, details are here

Thank you for your great support and guidance.

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