Do you use BI-RADS when performing an image-guided breast biopsy?

Dear colleagues,

in my experience I noted that some hospitals demand to include in the report of a imaging-guided breast biopsy procedure the BI-RADS of the biopsy itself.

For instance, if I perform a US-guided biopsy to a suspicious nodule which may be reported by a colleague as US-BIRADS: 4, I need to include in the biopsy’s report a new BIRADS.

However, I noted some confusion. In these hospitals, some radiologists report the biopsy-BIRADS on the basis of their opinion of such nodule during the biopsy while other radiologists report the biopsy-BIRADS on the basis of the hystopathological results of the biopsy.

What do you think about it?

Which approach do you think is more appropriate?

Many thanks for your help!

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This paper suggests that having separately scored radiological exam and histology is beneficial since there may need to be further diagnostic steps where results disagree.

thanks for your message but you did not reply to my questions!

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