Detection of Congenital Heart Disease using B mode ultrasound images in apical 4CV

In 2D UltraSound image what are the parameters used by radiologist/doctors to determine congenital heart disease (CHD) in the apical four chamber view?

I am an engineer/researcher developing code for finding feature parameters of irregular shaped 2d closed curves . For example a square has 4 corners and one width/height , circle infinite corners/radius, oval infinite corners/ 2 lengths major and minor. So I was wondering if we could have various measure for real life curves as found in US cardiac images such as width of the ventricles.Any help would be deeply appreciated.



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Ventricular septal defects can be observed on US so you may look at detection and measurement of holes.

Also, they looked at width of LV/RV in the paper below which may be worth looking at.

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