Contours to Dicom RT structure set

Contours to Dicom RT structure set
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Hi all,

Is there any open source software similar to radiotherapy treatment planning systems that can be used for contouring of multiple organs and finally export the contours in form of Dicom RTstructure files.

Or If someone has suggestions for less expensive proprietary software that can be used for 2D/3D multimodality contouring, fusion, registration, contour transfer tasks, and can export contours in Dicom format. I know that Raystation type of servers have these functionalities however they are super expensive as they have additional features for radiotherapy treatment planning as well.

Thank you in advance


I think you want to look at 3D Slicer, in particular the Slicer-RT plug-in. Basically a free, open source planning system with a built in python interpreter.


I tested the Slicer RT plugin and it works well. Thank you for suggestion

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