ConQuest (Image storage)

ConQuest (Image storage)
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Uses : Image storage, DICOM viewer.

Features :

  • DICOM training and testing
  • Demonstration and research image archives
  • Image format conversion from a scanner with DICOM network access
  • DICOM image viewing and slide making
  • DICOM image selection, (limited) editing, and splitting and merging of series
  • Advanced scriptable image modification, filtering, forwarding and conversion
  • DICOM caching and archive merging
  • DICOM web access for viewing and data management (scriptable)
  • Connects to Lua IDE for all sorts of DICOM manipulation

Platform : Windows, Linux, source code.

File formats : DICOM.

Language/API : C++

Documentation : Website.

Users : Advanced, Developer.

Access : Free, open source.

Links :

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