Career path for medical imaging scientist

Hello everyone
After completing my Bsc and Msc in Medical imaging technology could anyone guide me the pathway to become medical imaging scientist…
Any response would be highly appreciated

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@shubham4mufc thats a great question as it can be hard to know which direction to take after completing an MSc course. Could you provide more information on your interests i.e modality, software, physics etc. and if you’re interested in academia or industry?

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Sir I’m more interested in CT. I have done my thesis on CT low dose itself. My goal is to be medical imaging scientist and work in industry like GE. Any career pathway would be highly appreciated

@shubham4mufc I think you may be able to apply to scientist and engineering roles at GE Healthcare with a relevant MSc. For more advanced research scientist roles you may need a PhD.

In figuring out your next step it would be good to look at jobs currently advertised by GE, then you can decide if you already have the experience to apply or need to further develop your skillset.

Thank you for your feedback sir
Im currently struggling to find the right channel to apply for that position

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