Can anyone recommend a pathology slide scanner and software?

I’m looking for a slide scanner thats reasonably affordable for diagnosis / research. It would be great to get some recommendations on models and software.

For software I’ve been hearing good things about QuPath from lab members who work on whole slide imaging.

Hope this helps,


I’ve heard good things about Leica Aperio and Hamamatsu Nanozoomer (with Visiopharm software) scanners.

It depends on whether you are looking for a brightfield or fluorescence slide scanner. For brightfield one, you could use aperio AT or XT and either imageJ/FIji or qupath (open software) to analyze your data. If it is for fluorescence slides, then depending on the number of colours you could use aperios FL (limited to 3 channels) or Vectra Polaris (which uses a long pass filter, multispectral imaging method allowing visualization of up to 6 different markers, and has its own software called inForm where you can do cell and tissue segmentation, cell segmentation, phenotyping and scoring). The choice of the instrument and software depends on your staining type (brightfield or fluorescence) and the number of markers you are using. If you have specific questions, then feel free to write to me. I’m happy to help out.


Thanks @reshmaS, I’m looking for brightfield, I’ll take a look at the Aperio scanners. Do you know of any websites or vendors that deal in second hand equipment?

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