BrainMetShare (156 subjects)

Dataset Description:
A brain MRI dataset to develop and test improved methods for detection and segmentation of brain metastases. The dataset includes 156 whole brain MRI studies, including high-resolution, multi-modal pre- and post-contrast sequences in patients with at least 1 brain metastasis accompanied by ground-truth segmentations by radiologists.

Imaging Data:

  • MRI images : 4 different 3D sequences (T1 spin-echo pre-contrast, T1 spin-echo post-contrast, T1 gradient-echo post (using an IR-prepped FSPGR sequence), T2 FLAIR post) in the axial plane, co-registered to each other, resampled to 256 x 256 pixels.
  • Brain masks.
  • Ground-truth segmentations by radiologists.

Number of subjects / images: 156 subjects.

Link to dataset / homepage : Stanford AIMI Shared Datasets

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