Alzheimer's Disease Classification

Hi all,

I am a beginner in a field. I want to do a classification of Alzheimer’s disease. But i don’t know about the dataset that which type of data i have to use and how can some one help me to collect the dataset?

I will be very thankful to your help

Hi @Fazal_Faisal

There are many approaches you can take to build an Alzheimer’s disease classifier for MRI brain datasets. It would be a good idea to read some of the scientific publications in this area to see what other research groups are doing.

Regarding datasets, have you looked at the ADNI and OASIS image repositories which are free? See links below.

Hi @UCLjames sorry for late reply. I started to read publications on this topic and collect the dataset from ADNI. I would be thankful if you suggest me some good publication journals list related to this field. Right now I am randomly finding the publications on Google scholars.

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