AI in healthcare masters degree

Hello all
Just finished Masters in Medical imaging technology
Can someone guide me which university offers course of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Healthcare
Any response will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

Are you looking for a medical imaging AI course or more general AI in Healthcare course? Also, in which countries are you considering to attend a course?

I’m looking for medical imaging AI course sir.
Countries I prefer are : Canada, US or UK.

Hi @shubham4mufc
first of all take a look at this specialization, it was an interesting course to going on in this field

Good luck

Hi abderrazek,
Sure I will look ino this.
Any colleges u know that offers such course as a masters degree?

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Hi Know nope

Kings College London, UK, have a very strong medical imaging AI group. They offer a Healthcare Technologies MSc with options to take a number of modules on medical imaging and machine learning. Link is below

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